Why to choose Bulgaria?

  • EU Member State country from 1st of January 2007
  • Strong economic growth
  • Strategic geographical position between Europe, Middle East and Asia
  • Strong currency fixed against the EURO by the Bulgarian currency board
  • 2 year VAT exemptions for all companies importing goods for more than 5 million EURO’s
  • Low investment cost with low cost of rent and utilities
  • Competitive labour cost favourable for foreign investments


  • The lowest corporate tax rate in the European Union – 10% flat rate
  • Personal Income Tax – 10% flat rate
  • Withholding tax is 10%
  • Withholding tax on dividends and quotas is only 5%
  • 5% tax for income from interest, royalties or any license fees if the following conditions are met as established by the Bulgarian Investment representative:
    (1) The beneficiary of the income is a foreign legal entity from a EU Member State or a permanent establishment within a EU Member State of a foreign legal entity from a EU Member State;
    (2) The resident legal entity being the payer of the income or the person whose permanent establishment within Bulgaria the payer of the income is a affiliated to the foreign legal entity which is the beneficiary of the income or to the person whose permanent establishment is the beneficiary of the income.
  • Value Added Tax – 20%, hotel services are levied on 9%. VAT registration mandatory for individuals or corporations with taxable income, bigger than BGN 50,000 p.a.
  • The Bulgarian government has signed Double Taxation Treaties with more than 60 countries around the World, some of them: Greece, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Croatia, France, UK, Switzerland, USA, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Romania, China, Germany and many others.


Welcome to the website of Bulgarian Accounting enterprise RAN-R Ltd!

Why to choose RAN-R LTD?

We can give you at least 10 reasons for picking us instead of our competitors.

1. We put our clients in front of everything else and we clearly understand that every business is unique, and therefore every client has got their unique individual requirements.

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5. You as a client will have an access to a wide range of services from the accounting, tax and administrative field of work.

6. We are going to prepare your documents precisely, according to the agreement if you provide us information in the range of deadlines.

7. You are going to direct contact with both the accountant who is appointed for you and the manager.

8. We are going to answer you immediately without making any delays

9. We will be mobile if there is a need and we are going to provide you the accounting services on time in your office

10. In addition to that we will be planning for optimizing your cash flows and expenses making your company more profitable, saving more fresh money for potential investments, and making you more comfortable in your own business.