1. Monthly accounting services.
2. Accounting consulting.
3. Payrolls.
4. Tax services and consulting.
5. Company registration in Bulgaria.
6. Legal services.
7. Other types of services.

1. Accounting enterprise RAN-R tries to provide and consult its clients in the best possible way preparing the most suitable accounting policy for the particular company.

WE provide:

  • Accounting services on a monthly bases
  • Preparation of financial reports on Bulgarian and English language
  • Income statement & Balance sheet
  • All reports are prepared complying with the National Accounting Standards, the IAS/IFRS/GAAP and the appropriate jurisdiction.
  • Accounting control
  • Managing the cash flows and capitals
  • Preparing the depreciation policy and plan for the particular corporation. Determine the methods of depreciation, the depreciation rates which are consulted with the manager of the company.
  • Capital report
  • Preparing all the necessary documents (invoices, travel expenses, protocols, etc) and controlling the process of usage of the documentation.

2. RAN-R support companies when they start new businesses and make new investments in the country, making for them tax planning for implementation.

  • Tax consulting (based on the all Acts in Bulgaria (Personal Income Tax Act (ZDDFL) , Trade Act (TZ) , Tax Act (DZ) , VAT act (ZDDS) , Corporate Income Tax Act (ZKPO) etc.)
  • Representation in front of all tax administrations
  • Consulting for the legal optimization of the taxes in Bulgaria
  • VAT registration
  • Administration of the inspections and leading the inspections
  • VAT recovery

3. Every day a team of specialists prepare Payrolls complying with the legal requirements.

  • With more than 10 employees and many more in your company, you can use the competence of our payroll department as an additional service, even if you have not been our accounting client before.

4. Tax planning – Our team follows all the changes in the Bulgarian and European regarding the tax system and tries to protect our clients from a potential risks related to not managing the tax affairs effectively.

  • Preparing VAT returns
  • Declaration based in the appropriate Tax laws
  • Communication with the tax administration in cross-check situations
  • Tax protection in audits and local inspections
  • Preparing monthly trial balance, registers and VAT returns
  • Accrual of taxes and insurances for the preparation of payment orders for corporate tax purposes and final taxes
  • Filling the annual tax return declaration and all related declarations

5. If you want to start your own business but you don’t have a resident address for correspondence, we offer and provide it as a service our address.

Our experts consult and help for the development of newly start-up businesses and together we build the basis for a long partnership.

  • Consulting when you start a business within the country or in other countries
  • Business consulting and financial planning
  • Business plan with for trade credits purposes for the banks

6. RAN-R works with a team of lawyers, proved their competencies in the tax, corporate, labour and trade law and all the related accounting work. In our office you can receive more information and to be consulted regarding every question that you can potentially have.

7. In addition we make:

  • Due diligences for different corporations
  • Annual inventory
  • Stamp and invoice orders
  • Placing an accountant in clients office
  • Acquisitions and joint ventures consulting

You are very welcome if you need more information before you arrive in our office contact us.